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I love houses. Veteran house seeker, buyer, fixer, seller.


As a kid, when my friends were reading graphic novels (we called them comics) I was looking at architectural magazines. Weird for a kid, I know! I would look at the floor plans & imagine myself walking through those houses and pictured what they might look like. I would sometimes even wonder why they designed them the way they did. I appreciate good design and have studied, somewhat informally, interior design over the years. Been dissatisfied with what's available that is unique & special so a space doesn't mirror what's being done everywhere else. I've loved houses all my life.


I was watching This Old House when it originally aired (yup, not a spring chicken), read countless books, researched home improvement and researched it even more.


I've bough and sold several homes in my lifetime, at a profit, except for one. Always looked for creative, resourceful, unique & economical ways to do things. I love houses (still!), marketing them, color, good design, downsizing, KonMari, organization, real estate as investment, etc.


Hopefully my readers will come to think of me as wise, learned from her mistakes, been around the block a few times and provides trustworthy input.


Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading.


“no house is so sad as one deprived of human life

to make it home”

Judy Pedersen

Consultant, Researcher, True Color Expert

Lover of Houses – Marketing Them – Fixing Them

Home Reno Advocate

Home Conservationist

Hard Surface Advocate – incorporate future sale in choices now

Interior Design Lite

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What's on my bookshelf?  How to Build A House by Larry Haun, Habitat

for Humanity, publ. The Taunton Press 2008

What am I watching on TV?  The £100,000 House (Amazon Prime)

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