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Homes deserve their rightful place on the market & for someone to love them.

times are a-changing - jobs get moved or lost; the forever home may not be forever now

Sell/Rent a Home

Harness the value in a home with ...

Social Media Templates

A content plan to maximize a home's on-line reach; truly present the value in any home:

  • Templates you can use & re-use for any home's powerful ad copy & its social reach on Facebook, Instagram &/or Kijiji

$12 ea

Ad Copywriting

Targeted, custom ad copy done for you, for specific property(ies), to be used on MLS, Facebook, Instagram &/or Kijiji:

Ideal for selling or renting a home. 

  • getting the right words in easy-to-read format

  • designed to supplement what your good photography cannot say

  • copy only will sent to you via e-mail (social templates purchased separately)



Consulting for copy, social content & photography:  

  • Work with me face-to-face (via FaceTime or Skype or Zoom) so you can maximize on-line property marketing to get it/them sold or rented.  Quickly.  Address current listing(s) or work on a fresh one ...


 Not sure where to begin? 

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