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Terms & Conditions

Products & Services

  1. Free items such as PDFs are created by Nimble Steward, available and shareable but copyright must be respected and item(s) remain unaltered or re-sold

  2. Social Media Templates prices are as posted on this website & subject to change without notice

  3. Consulting fees are as posted on this website & subject to change without notice

  4. Copywriting fees are $50 per hour, or $400 a day. Before each project, we will provide a quote so that you know exactly how much the work will cost. Any changes to the original brief initiated by the client may require adjustment of cost. The total price of your project will include:

  • A free quote

  • A maximum of 3 drafts of the project specified in the original brief

  • Any minor amendments to your project

  • Advice and consultation by email as necessary

  • Any additional work requested that isn’t covered in the original brief will be quoted separately and added to the original invoice.

  • The Brief will be supplied by the client and must clearly outline the project requirements. We suggest that you download, complete and return our briefing form to ensure that We have all the necessary requirements beforehand.

Payment terms shall be made in advance as stated on this website and can be made via e-transfer or PayPal

Privacy statement: 

Nimble Steward respects your privacy and the laws protecting it.  All personal information we collect (name, e-mail, address, etc) is kept private and for in-house order and subscription use only and will not be shared outside the company.

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