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More important than "am I happy with this now?" is to ask "is it the highest & best use of:  Money?  Time?  Effort?"

- changing how we view the home to change what we do to it

- making a home more time-honored

Upgrade a Home

Harness the value in your home with ...

Free Interior E-Review

Discuss via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, 30 minutes:  change floors, counters, cabinets...?

Think about your pain point with the home.  This will help you decide what to focus on and avoid. It will also help you establish the scope of what should be done.   It all starts with a few questions for you via e-mail ...

Combo Package

Counter, Backsplash, Cabinet, Floor (kitchen OR  bathroom)  $200

Get the low-down on what should be changed and how each surface affects the others.  This will ensure that time and resources spent are maximized and will do honor to the home both now and for years to come.  You can rest easy knowing choices made will also enhance future sale or rentability.

Further customize by adding:

  • Wall Color +$75 &/or

  • Trim Color +$50

Custom Package to Suit

  1. Curb-to-Alley (interior and exterior) - ideal for pre-sale or pre-rent $350+

  2. Interior kitchen & bath(s) $350+

The above are ideas to get you started creating your own package ...

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